For those of us who live at the shoreline
standing upon the constant edges of decision
crucial and alone

– Audre Lorde, a litany for survival

We’re here to look for a community we know is already out there, and are excited to be responsible readers for emerging voices—at once passionate and political, tender and wild, desired and dark.

We exist (or are trying to) because we’re determined to have a room of our own carved out just for poetry. We are lucky enough to have people and organizations working towards the same goal as us, here—Kashmir Lit, Vayavya, The (Great) Indian Poetry Collective, AAWW, Kundiman and others. We hope to have a list of places for our readers and other poets to read and submit to up on our website, and we’ll be updating it constantly, so please message us about any places you might know of.

Our inaugural issue will be released spring, 2018. We publish poetry two times a year. Each issue will feature around 10 poems, along with an essay or an interview exploring the process of writing poetry and certain poets or poems. We do sometimes solicit our newly discovered favorites, but mostly publish submissions.

TSR has its eye on the shoreline. We’re dedicated to publishing writers who are commonly excluded from mainstream literary communities. If your writing explores issues of feminism, casteism, nationalism, self-determinism, racism or you identify as queer, trans, differently abled or otherwise marginalized, thanks to the higher authority of powerful publishing houses, we encourage you to submit.

Note: The Shoreline Review currently only accepts submissions from poets who identify as South Asian.